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Post  Brandy on Sat Apr 16, 2011 5:33 pm

One thing I've always wondered is who Brandy actually has a crush on. It seems to change throughout the series though so it's hard to tell.

It first starts with the "Freaky Bugged Eyed Monkey Thingy" as she calls it in the episode "Cyranosaurs Rex". She was helping Whisker's win Isabel's heart, but that monkey that I earlier mentioned would not leave her alone and since Whiskers repeated absolutely everything Brandy said, this plan failed big time. Isabel wanted to eat Brandy which where the monkey had his chance to impress Brandy. Isabel just saps him away and Brandy feels sorry for him and comes to his aid. Brandy does kiss him, but just the episode ends, it's clear she doesn't like him still.

In "Funky Bunny" She's forced to go with Whiskers to the Harrington Ball. This idea went well until Whiskers tripped on his ears and ruined everything. I would say at one point, Brandy may have liked him somewhat before things went down hill.

Then we move onto "A Bunny on My Back". It's clear in this one Brandy falls in love with a Ocelot named Artario. When Whiskers gets stuck to Brandy's back due to sap on his jumpsuit, later on in the episode, he manages to convince Brandy that going out on a date with Artario wasn't a good idea. In fact, who knows if Brandy would have even survived that evening if Whiskers wouldn't have interferred.

In "Dear Dairy" she's in love with deer who goes by Melvin in this episode, but feels embrassisted to talk about it. This is true when Whiskers reads her dairy out loud and Brandy trys to convince Melvin that Whiskers doesn't know what he's talking about.

By the time you reach "Bad Hare Day", it's clear Brandy is in love with someone else. You can't really tell though until the very end of the episode when Brandy ends up using Whiskers as scarf since he lost hers.

In the second season, you come across "Wolfie: Prince of the Jungle". Brandy is clearly in love with him, but gross manners turn her off very quickly in this episode. Whiskers trys to train Wolfie, but in the end, Wolfie isn't interested in Brandy and neither is she interested in him.

In "Time for Waffles", Brandy is in love with Melvin again. However he hardly talks to her since he's waiting for Brandy to talk to him. Brandy is totally unaware of this and thinks her smile is to blame, especially when Gaspar tricks her into making her think she should whiten her smile.

Loathe Triangle though is a big surprise. First Brandy thinks Whiskers and Ed are in love with her. She doesn't like the whole idea though. At the end of the episode though, when she finds out they were fighting over Margo, she clearly shows she wants Whiskers to like her.

Going later into the series, I find the episode "What Price Dignity" to be interesting since for majority of the episode, Brandy only pretends to be in love with Gaspar just so she could have a really nice dress. At the end though when she finds out that Gaspar's "mother" may have died, I think in a way, she feels sorry for him since she ends up kissing him. That was an interesting piece to the question.

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