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Post  CanzetYote on Wed Aug 03, 2011 9:43 pm

If you could remake the series finale in any way, how would you go at it? My idea:

It all starts when Brandy is walking in the jungle. She comes across a suitcase and finds a cellphone in it. She dials for a helicopter to come rescue her and proceeds to say goodbye to her friends. Mr.Whiskers is very devastated when he hears the news and he, Ed, Lola Boa, Cheryl and Meryl decide to ride with her back to Florida for one final goodbye. When they arrive in Florida, Brandy is greeted by her family who welcome her home with open arms. Ed can't help but shed a few tears of joy as he watches Brandy reunite with her family but the only tears Mr.Whiskers is crying are those of sadness. Cheryl and Meryl argue over who will miss Brandy more. When they go outside, Ed, Lola, Cheryl and Meryl board the copter and tell him they're going back to the jungle. Mr.Whiskers reluctantly joins Ed, Lola and the toucan twins. As the week passes, Brandy slowly begins to be reminded of Ed, Lola and finally Mr.Whiskers. She pulls out a group photo of her with them and starts crying her heart out. Brandy has a rather energetic thrillseeker grandma who suggests they sneak out of the mansion and go back to the amazon if she misses her friends so much. Brandy calls her grandma crazy but goes along with the plan and runs away from home with her. Meanwhile, in the jungle Ed is comforting Mr.Whiskers and telling him that Brandy is probably happier living the high life in Florida rather than the jungle. Ed is wrong, as the copter suddenly appears and Brandy leaps out of it into Mr.Whiskers' arms and her grandma joins her. Now everyone is hugging and crying. There isn't a dry eye in the jungle. Brandy, Mr.Whiskers, Ed, Lola, Cheryl, Meryl, even Gaspar have tears of joy running down their faces. From that day fourth, Brandy's grandma becomes a free-spirited mentor figure to her and Mr.Whiskers. And everyone lives happily ever after. The end.

So, what do you think. I think that would be a great way for the show to go out with a bang.

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